Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Hirer

In an event that you cancel your booking. The Company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as follows.

Bookings cancelled on the day of travel up 100% of the value of the booking.

In addition to any cancellation fee charged by The Company you will also be responsible for payment of any charges levied by suppliers in respect of the cancelled booking. In all cases the total fee charged will not exceed the value of the booking.

Schools Cancellations:

Due to weather conditions only beyond the control of the organizer the following cancellation conditions apply,

  1. No charge applies when cancellations have been advised at least 24 hours or more prior to departure time
  2. 50 % of the amount as per the booking will be invoiced if the booking is cancelled within 4 hours of the departure time.
  3. If coaches/buses arrive at the pickup location/boarding point and are not required and have not been cancelled, the full amount will be invoiced as per the booking.